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Whether you book a career coaching session, interview coaching session, or mock interview package, we offer either telephone, Skype, or Face-to-Face by agreement.  

FAQ Frequently asked questions…

All our coaching sessions are bespoke to your requirements. 

We tailor each session to your needs. 

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and different levels of previous interview experience.  

Do you offer a FREE consultation?

Yes we do.  And we encourage you to take full advantage of this telephone conversation. 

How long does a coaching session last?

All of our coaching sessions are 90-minutes.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on your requirements and is usually based on your previous experience and knowledge of the interview process. 

How much does one coaching session cost?

A pay-as-you-go session costs £175.00.  

Do you offer discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes, we do.  The more sessions you book the more discount you receive.

What's the success rate of previous clients?

There are no guarantees of course.  However, a high percentage of my clients, after just one session, go on to be successful at the next interview.

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Why does the recruitment process take so long?

Why does the recruitment process take so long? You’ve attended an interview and you thought it went well, and then it goes quiet! What could possibly take the hiring managers so long to move the hiring process forward!

How to make small talk before an interview!

How do you make small talk with the hiring manager before the interview starts? It can be an awkward moment, here are some pointers.

How and when to negotiate your salary

How and when to negotiate your salary? It’s so important to calculate not just your basic salary but all the benefits. It’s also important to get the timing to negotiate just right.

Preparation Tips for Acing a Job Interview

Acing a job interview in today’s climate is challenging. Preparation is the key to success and we’ll share some useful tips.

Why hiring managers DON’T care about transferable skills

Why hiring managers don’t care about transferable skills. The problem with transferable skills is that the same set of generic skills are churned out on autopilot.

How do you prepare for a pre-recorded video interview?

How do you prepare for a pre-recorded video interview and what can you expect from a pre-recorded video interview. We’ll share some valuable insights, so you can excel during the interview and land the job.

How to handle a Public Sector Interview

Have you been invited to a public sector interview? It’s one of the toughest and most structured interviews you are likely to experience. That’s why it’s important you prepare and practise to maximise your chances of securing the job. Some of the information shared in this article isn’t common sense, so takes some quality time to read through this article.

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are a quick and convenient method of screening candidates. Telephone interviews are a cost-effective method for you and the business. However, avoid these common mistakes to increase your success.

What to do if your mind goes blank in a job interview

What to do if your mind goes blank during a job interview. It happens to the best of us, don’t let it affect the rest of your interview. We’ve included a few strategies to apply to help you get through this common problem in job interviews.

How to deal with rejection

How to deal with rejection. There are not many people that enjoy being rejected. Clearly you are working towards a goal or objective and you’ve just missed out on hitting your target. However, it’s important to take the time to reflect positively and objectively.

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