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Frequently Asked Questions

All our coaching sessions are bespoke to your requirements.  We tailor each session to your needs.  Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and different levels of previous interview experience.  

Do you offer a FREE consultation?

Yes we do.  And we encourage you to take full advantage of this 30 minute telephone conversation. 

How long does a coaching session last?

Usually a coaching session is no less than an hour and no more than two hours.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on your requirements and is usually based on your previous experience and knowledge of the interview process. 

How much does one coaching session cost?

A pay-as-you-go session costs £125.00.  Here’s the full price list:  Pricing

Do you offer discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes we do.  Please visit our pricing page for the details.  Pricing

What's the success rate of previous clients?

A high percentage of my clients, after just one session, go on to be successful at the next interview.

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PLEASE NOTE: Please book at least 48 hours in advance and please note that we are based in the UK.  

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