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About Dawn Moss

Career & Interview Coach & Trainer

Dawn has worked as an in-house recruiter in Human Resources for 12 years.  She worked in a manufacturing and engineering environment for 6 years and a Corporate Bank in the City of London for a further 6 years.  Since leaving the Financial Services Sector she’s been running her own Training and Coaching Consultancy for the last 5 years.

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PLEASE NOTE: This consultation is for those considering interview coaching.  Please also note, we are based in the UK.    

CV and Cover Letter Blogs…

How to cheat the Applicant Tracking System

It’s highly likely your CV will be filtered via an Applicant Tracking System ATS these days. So, you need to know how Applicant Tracking Systems work.

How do you tailor a CV?

Today it’s essential you tailor your CV for every vacancy you apply. Read here to find out how to tailor your cover letters, CVs and application forms.

What are the common lies told on CVs?

What are the common lies told on CVs? Recently invited to discuss the common lies told on CVs with Dave Monk BBC Essex Radio’s Drive Time presenter. According to the research there are still a high percentage of candidates submitting applications with inaccurate...

What are the benefits of hiring an interview coach?

What are the benefits of hiring an interview coach? 1. Identify your requirements. 2. Tailor a bespoke coaching session. 3. An opportunity to practice your interview skills. 4. Specific and objective feedback on your performance.

How your CV should flow

There’s plenty of information about the do’s and don’ts and what to include and what not to include on your CV. However, do you understand how all the information should flow throughout your CV?

6 Reasons why you should tailor every application

It’s essential you take time to tailor every CV, Cover Letter and Application form. Here are 6 Reasons why it’s so important.

How to write a powerful career profile?

A well-written career profile will entice the person to read the rest of your CV. The career profile is your introduction, explaining who you are in the workplace and what you bring to the organisation.

How to successfully complete Job Application Forms

Seriously, job application forms need to be taken seriously! Be prepared to spend some quality time carefully completing each application accurately and honestly. Check out these tips on how to successfully complete your job application.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a CV

CVs have been around for decades, however they are still one of the most important documents in your job search. Avoid these common mistakes.

How to write a powerful and unique CV

As CVs have been around for decades it’s more and more challenging to stand out from the crowd!

People I’ve worked with….

"After several years of seeking a certain position but being unsuccessful at interviews, I reached the decision to seek assistance prior to a further forthcoming interview.  The advice and assistance I received from Dawn in the session was extremely useful.  After the following interview I was offered the role and I have no doubt that Dawn’s assistance played a significant part in this outcome."

Jonathan, Essex. 

"Executive jobs you really want don’t come around that often, so I sought out Dawn’s expertise to ensure I maximised my chances of getting the job. Dawn is knowledgeable, and friendly and was great at celebrating what I already knew and provided constructive feedback on how I could improve.  Equipped with new knowledge, confidence and commitment to put the work in, I got the job."

Head of Department, National Charity.

"Despite having the necessary qualifications and never applying for jobs beyond my capabilities, I always failed the interview stage. I cannot recommend DAWN too highly to anyone who is experiencing the same difficulties I used to have at the interview stage."

Taylor, Part-Qualified Accountant.

“I recently found out I was successful at an interview and was now required to go through an assessment day. I was dreading it. Dawn was instrumental in getting me through the assessment day. She helped me to work out how I could prepare and what the priority areas were. If you have an interview or an assessment day coming up I would highly recommend that you contact Dawn”

Rosemary, Colchester, Essex. 

Job Interview Blogs

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are a quick and convenient method of screening candidates. Telephone interviews are a cost-effective method for you and the business. However, avoid these common mistakes to increase your success.

What to do if your mind goes blank in a job interview

What to do if your mind goes blank during a job interview. It happens to the best of us, don’t let it affect the rest of your interview. We’ve included a few strategies to apply to help you get through this common problem in job interviews.

How to deal with rejection

How to deal with rejection. There are not many people that enjoy being rejected. Clearly you are working towards a goal or objective and you’ve just missed out on hitting your target. However, it’s important to take the time to reflect positively and objectively.

5 Little-Known Facts about the Job Interview

And, how you can take advantage... Have you got an important job interview booked?  Do you sometimes wonder what goes on behind the scenes?  If you are a little nervous about attending a job interview have you ever stop to wonder how the interviewers are...

How do you prepare for your first job interview?

How to prepare for a first job interview. It’s both an exciting and nervous time.

How to prepare for a panel interview?

What can you expect when invited to attend a panel interview?The panel interview is one of the most structured interviews you are likely to attend.  It is likely to feel fairly serious and it's worth keeping this in mind.  You need to spend quality time...

How to prepare for a video interview

With our current social distancing measures set to be with us for some time, we expect video interviews to be the main method. Whether it’s Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or MS Teams, this blog will help you think about how to prepare and handle this type of interview.

5 Tips for Handling a tough job interview

Job interviews can be tough. It’s important to research, prepare and practice your answers. Recruiters and hiring managers will know and appreciate you taking the time to prepare. Here are some great tips from Chris Stappard from Edward Reed Recruitment.

Why do interviewers ask these questions?

When you are actively seeking a new job, you need to keep in mind the purpose of the interview. In its simplest terms, they are looking for the right skills, experience and knowledge for that job.

What to do after the interview!

These days it’s unlikely you’ll receive comprehensive feedback after the interview. It’s just not practical for most businesses to offer this to every candidate. So, there are a few things you can consider doing after the interview.

Ready to book a FREE 15-minute consultation?

PLEASE NOTE: This consultation is for those considering interview coaching.  Please also note, we are based in the UK.    

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Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom. 

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