Have you been invited to attend an interview with little notice to prepare?

Here’s how to quickly research the company to get a very good overview and broad knowledge of the organization when you are short of time. These suggestions are so quick and easy (but comprehensive) that you’ll be able to do your research on the way to the interview (as long as you’re not driving of course).

1. Products & Services

If you’ve been invited to interview with a large organization then you’re likely to know exactly what the company does – you’ll know what their core products or services are. However, it’s still good practice to have a look at what other products or services they may be offering to their customers.

Particularly progressive and innovative companies will often diversify their products and services to keep up with competition and the constantly changing demands of the client and advances in technology. They will grow not just organically but by acquisition, and sometimes aggressively.

With all the mergers and acquisitions that are likely to happen in the next few years you don’t want to get caught out at an interview not knowing who owns who in the markets.

So don’t get complacent thinking you know what an organization does.  Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon are just a few examples of forward-thinking companies that continuously launch new products in different sectors.

2. CEO’s Speech

The CEO’s speech is cleverly written to include the big picture of the organization. It’s a very clear helicopter view of the business.

It will explain the history of the company, who and how it was founded, and its origins. It will give you information on what the company has achieved and the general strategic direction.  The speech will paint a picture of the past, present, and future state of the business. 

In one very simple, concisely written document you’ll get a very good idea of the company and a good feel of the corporate culture.

3. News Threads & Posts

If you want to impress the interviewers then you’ll need bang up to date news and where better to look than on the company’s own news thread.

Most websites these days are linked to their Twitter accounts, so it’s again really easy to see what’s currently impacting and affecting the business.

This is really useful information to demonstrate you are genuinely interested in the company because you’ve taken the time to review the most up-to-date news. AND I’m sure you’ll agree that with these simple steps you’ll be able to very quickly learn the business and impress!

4. Career Page

If you are applying to work for larger corporate companies then they are likely to have a dedicated careers page. This section on the website should give you a really good insight into information such as;

  • The recruitment process,
  • Success stories,
  • Career progression opportunities,
  • Benefits (rewards, recognition, and compensation including holidays, medical insurance, dental insurance, life assurance, etc.)