Here we are in December and another year draws to a close for Your Interview Coach and what a great year it’s been too.  Again I’ve had the opportunity to support the transition of hundreds of career ambitious individuals, worked with senior leaders and managers and supported smaller local businesses.

December is a perfect time to show gratitude and give thanks to all the people that have supported the business throughout this year. I really couldn’t have achieved this level of success without your help and support.

A special thanks goes to Jo Jarvis, Utility Warehouse, Peter Kelleher, MSc., MILM, Founder of Smarter Thinking, Careers Advice Centre and and Mandie Holgate, Founder of The Business Woman’s Network, International Author, Speaker, Business Coach and Mentor.

It’s also a great time for reflection, evaluation and planning the year ahead – if of course you have time between all the social events and parties!

Here are the Highlights:

Career Transition Partnership CTP

Absolutely thrilled when the CTP first made contact with me – they found my website with a very simple Google Search!

When I originally drew up my first business model – the CTP were on my hit list!! So for them to approach me was very exciting and it saved me the dreaded cold call.

The relationship continues going from strength to strength and I really enjoy my time supporting the service leavers on their resettlement and transition.


It was an honour to be invited the first time in 2015. A simple internet search for Interview and Career Coaches resulted in finding my website. Your Interview Coach: the power of the internet and social media.

So you can imagine how I felt being invited back again this year and being able to make a real difference to the women returning to the workplace after maternity leave.

Even though it ended with me finding out I have a serious nut allergy and an unplanned trip to University College Hospital London. There’s always something valuable to learn from every experience!

BWN Coordinator

My journey with the Business Woman’s Network actually started in September 2015 with the launch of the Saturday morning events and continued well into 2016. We made a really good start and the early indications were positive.

However it became more and more challenging competing with important life events.

  • Family time
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Fetes and fairs
  • Rest and relaxation and the list goes on….

Thank you to all my speakers who gave up their Saturday mornings and family time to share some great content with our members.

Cherry Allen, Jeff Spires, Micheal Hilton, Laura Rigby, Caroline Taplin, Klementyna De Sternberg Stojalowska (Klem!) Elene Marsden, Sandra Sparrowhawk and Suzanne Lock.

Also privileged to have met some great international master class speaker at the main event this year – Colin McLean, Tanya Mann Rennick, Pete Cohen, Terry Carney, Anthony Stears and the list goes on….my head is still spinning from the information they shared to help us grow our businesses.

It was also an honour to support International Author Mandie Holgate’s book launch at Pearson’s in London (Fight the Fear).

What a fabulous event it was too.  It has such a positive atmosphere with a fantastic view across London.

Pete Cohen kicked off the launch and was live streaming (as was Mandie…of course!). We had such a lovely day from start to finish.

Oil & Gas Sector

A great opportunity again presented itself via a tag on Facebook coupled with a call from a very good business associate Mandie Holgate (yes International Author and Founder of The Business Woman’s Network!). Mandie really does live and breathe her brand – As Passionate about your Success! One of her goals is paying off my mortgage…how great is that?!

The Oil & Gas is a new sector for me and a great opportunity to work with senior managers and leaders delivering a very unique workshop giving me the chance to utilize my first degree subject in Health Promotion.

A subject I was very passionate about all those years ago when I graduated in 1995. Health Promotion might sound like a woolly subject however it was far from it. The degree course covered the psychology of health, sociology, community health, mental health and well-being, politics, policies and procedures and so much more.

Even though 1995 was more than 20 years ago the topic of health is just as important and still an extremely sensitive and personal one to address in the workplace.

International Status

This highlighted the power of social media again (LinkedIn in particular) and building relationships virtually. Networking face to face has been around for decades – I should know I picked up most of my jobs in the late 80s by word of mouth (okay we didn’t have mobile phones or the internet!!) However, we can now add building relationships via social media and yes it’s possible.

It was a great opportunity to deliver a two day Talent Management Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. As I stepped in at the last minute with no time to be briefed I know it went extremely well.

New Brand & Website

Since starting Your Interview Coach in October 2013 I’ve actually had three websites and wasn’t particularly happy with any of them.

So when I met Jenny Joseph from Jenny Joseph Designs at our Saturday Business Woman’s Network event and she successfully created my new brand it made sense to start a new website from scratch – with a little help from another one of my business associates Richard Ingham, Navigation Web.

So from Your Interview Coach we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and our very best wishes for 2017!

Credit and thanks to the Photographer: Jayne LloydJayne Lloyd Photography