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Who do we help!

Are you looking for career progression? 

We support managers who are looking for their next step.

Have you been made redundant recently? 

We’ve helped hundreds of professionals transition into their next job.

Are you a Graduate? 

We can help you prepare for your first interview or assessment centre. 

Are you returning to work after maternity? 

We’ve helped people returning to work after maternity leave.  

Every coaching session is tailored to your requirements…

We work closely with you to design the perfect coaching session that will help you feel more confident and equipped to handle any interview format or interview question. 

  • Would like to change jobs but dread the interview process?
  • Never attended a structured interview before?
  • Do you keep receiving the “Thanks but no thanks” rejections?
  • Do you lack confidence in presenting your strengths or just get nervous? 
  • Would you like to be able to answer those tough questions convincingly? 

Whatever your situation we can design a coaching session (or two) to suit your needs.  Interviewing is not a skill we tend to use every day.  On average people change jobs every 3 to 5 years and for some, it’s even longer. 

Investing in your career development will have a positive return on investment.  Whether that’s a better-paid job, improved work/life balance, or a nicer environment, hiring an interview coach will help you get there quicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our coaching sessions are bespoke to your requirements.  We tailor each session to your needs.  Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and different levels of previous interview experience.  

Do you offer a FREE consultation?

Yes, we do.  And we encourage you to take full advantage of this telephone conversation. 

How long does a coaching session last?

Each coaching session is 90-minutes.    

We can split the 90-minutes into two 45-minute sessions, which have been working well for some of my clients.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on your requirements and is usually based on your previous experience and knowledge of the interview process. 

How much does one coaching session cost?

A pay-as-you-go session costs £175.00.  Here’s the full price list:  Pricing

Do you offer discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes we do.  Please visit our pricing page for the details.  Pricing

What's the success rate of previous clients?

There are no guarantees.  However, a high percentage of my clients, after just one session, go on to be successful in the next interview.

Ready to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call?

Please note: We are based in the U.K. GMT Time Zone. 

What can you expect to gain from interview coaching!

? Learn interview techniques that can be applied to any style of interview

? Understand what information Recruiters and Hiring Managers need to make a decision.

? Understand the importance of Job Fit, Cultural Fit & Motivational Fit.

? Be able to handle tough interview questions.

? Learn how to successfully use the STAR process.


"After several years of being unsuccessful at interviews I contacted Dawn. Dawn she was professional and helpful. I was offered the role and I have no doubt that Dawn’s assistance played a significant part in this outcome."

Previous client

“Executive jobs you really want don’t come around that often, so I sought out Dawn’s expertise to ensure I maximised my chances of getting the job. Equipped with new knowledge, confidence and commitment to put the work in, I got the job.”

Head of Department National Charity  

"Thank you Dawn. It was a tough interview but I was very well prepared and I’ve been successful in getting the job! In no small part down to the work we did together on Saturday. A great investment "

Mia Peters

"Despite having the necessary qualifications and never applying for jobs beyond my capabilities, I always failed the interview stage. I received an exciting job offer at my very next interview. I cannot recommend DAWN too highly!"

Part Qualified Accountant 


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