Recruitment & Selection is one of the most critical HR activities your business will undertake 


Recruiting the right people, at the right time with the right skills should be one of the most critical concerns for your business.

The business world is changing rapidly and you need to keep your business up to date with the latest skills, knowledge and experiences.

To achieve the most effective recruitment process (quality and cost) you will need to invest in training for your hiring managers in the most efficient tools and techniques to employ the best people for your organisation.

You will be concerned about the quality of the hire and how they fit to the job, the organisations values & culture and how they fit into the team and department.

  • Do you want to improve your talent attraction strategy and process?
  • Do you want to train your people managers on Recruitment & Selection best practice?
  • Do you want to ensure recruiting managers are not putting the company at risk by asking inappropriate questions?
  • Protect your business, reduce the risks associated with poor recruitment, legal risks, reputational risks, financial risks.

We help SME’s hire the right people, with the right skills and the right cultural fit to your business.

We train hiring managers to identify quickly and effectively the most suitable talent for the business.

We educate hiring managers to hone their existing skills to identify the most engaged and motivated employees that fit the business.

Our team of experts have trained 100’s of hiring managers over the last two decades to improve their selection decisions, increase the brand awareness, maintain the company’s reputation in the market place and reduce the total spend on recruitment activities.

What are the benefits of attending this Training Workshop?

(This workshop is for any manager involved in the recruitment and selection process – Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders)

✔ Improve your decision making skills by using a range of assessment tools & techniques

✔ Understand key elements of UK Employment Law (the do’s and don’ts!)

✔ Reduce the risk of complaints, poor selection decisions, and Employment Tribunals ETs

✔ Understand Behavioural Competencies & how to assess candidates

✔ Assess motivational fit, job fit, team fit and organisational fit

✔ Save money & improve quality

✔ Increase the quality of your hires by using tried & tested selection tools & techniques

✔ Improve your interview questioning techniques

✔ Improve the types of questions you ask during the interview

✔ Improve the candidates fit to the culture, organisation, job and the team

✔ Understand the different Sourcing & Selection Methods

✔ Successfully manage your third party recruitment suppliers

101 Things Hiring Managers Need to Know!

  • How confident are you that your hiring managers are compliant with UK Employment Law?
  • Do you know what questions you are allowed to ask a candidate and what questions you are not?
  • Are you getting the best information from candidates to make the most effective decision for your business?
  • Are your hiring managers highly trained in recruitment and selection best practice?

Why hire Dawn Moss?

  • Receive training from a Qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & DevelopmDawn Your Interview Coachent (MCIPD)
  • Receive training from an In-House Recruiter with over a decade of in-depth experience & knowledge
  • Experienced in designing and facilitating high volume recruitment campaigns and Assessment Centres
  • Partnered, coached and trained hundreds of managers across a variety of disciplines, IT, Supply Chain, Procurement, Commodities, Accounts & Finance, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Call Centres, Mechanical Service Engineering etc.
  • Reviewed and screened tens of thousands of CVs, interviewed thousands of candidates and coached hundreds through the recruitment process

We’ll support your business to lower the costs and risks associated with recruitment practices and help you create the very best candidate journey, increasing retention, engagement and productivity.


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