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One of my clients sent me an email one evening for some guidance on LinkedIn.

He was approaching the end of one contract and hadn’t lined up the next contract and was starting to get concerned.  I reviewed his LinkedIn profile in about 10 minutes and gave him 4 things to do immediately.

  1. Change the Headline
  2. Add some keywords throughout your profile
  3. Research and find companies in your sector and then find the people
  4. Network with them!

He did all the above and came back to me 4 days later with the news that he had three quality leads.  He ended up being offered a job by one of the leads and now uses LinkedIn to promote business services.

Here are 6 reasons why LinkedIn is important!

It’s going to be a challenging jobs market for the next year and competition will be high. 

Now is the time to get visible, get networking and let the jobs come to you!

Find and Research Companies and people

LinkedIn is a great research tool allowing you to find companies and people.  You can then decide whether this is a good company to work and your values align with the culture. 

Jobs Board

There are millions of open vacancies posted on LinkedIn.  Use the Quick Apply function when your profile is fully completed.   

Network virtually

This is a great tool and platform to network with hiring managers, recruiters and decision-makers.  There are millions of senior managers and decision-makers on LinkedIn. 

Jobs find you!

Recruiters are using LinkedIn every day and will approach you with job opportunities that match your profile


Visible CV

The key to getting found on LinkedIn, is being visible and showing up!!  It’s the biggest professional social media platform and is still ‘easier’ to get found than other social media platforms with billions of users. 

Prepare for Interviews

As said previously, it’s a great tool to research companies, people and get up to date and real time sector news.

What do you get when you purchase this service? 

Set up your LinkedIn account

We’ll do all the hard work and save you time by setting up a ready to go account!  We’ll even customise your URL!  It’s a web address to use on your CV and business cards. 


Write your About page

We will take the key information from your CV and write a compelling About section that includes your qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills.

Add a Professional Photo

LinkedIn accounts with photos are 14 times more likely to receive more views. 


Create a Headline

We will take the key information from your CV and write a compelling Headline that includes your keywords and will entice recruiters to contact you.

Research your keywords

To be able to get found by the recruiters, you need keywords throughout your account.

Add key skills

As well as keywords, recruiters use the key skills section to find talent.  We’ll add these key skills to your account.  

Facts about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful and professional social media platform you have in your job searching and career development tool kit. 

It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time.

90% of Recruiters use social media

Recruiters used LinkedIn every day to find candidates.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, they won’t find you!

61 Million Senior Level Influencers

And, 70% of users on LinkedIn are outside of the USA.  

600 Million + Users

The CEO Jeff Weiner has said he wants to make LinkedIn the home of all working professional across the world.

30 Million Companies

Millions of companies across the World and covering every sector and industry.

40 Million Decision-Makers

That’s a lot of decision-making positions active on LinkedIn.

60% to 70% of jobs are hidden

LinkedIn is one way of tapping into the hidden jobs market enabling you to be reactive and proactive.

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