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LinkedIn Review

Would you like us to help you get results from your LinkedIn account?

Here’s what’s included in your LinkedIn review:

1. Check your Headline!

Headlines are so important and you read and listen to them every day.   

  • Headlines sell newspapers and magazines! 
  • Headlines encourage you to watch programs or download movies! 

How many times have you bought a magazine because of what was on the front cover? 

News programs start with the Headlines (Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Loose Women, and many more!). 

Headlines entice you to buy, read, or watch…or NOT! 

We’ll review your existing Headline and we’ll share a formula on how to write a compelling Headline that will work for you.

2. It's all ABOUT you!!

Actually, it’s all about you and your audience.  Who do you want to attract on LinkedIn?  What problems do you solve for your Employer?

Employers hire people to solve problems, and they want to know if you’re the person for the job! 

We’ll review your About Section and we’ll share a structure to help you present your experience, skills, and knowledge and be a magnet for hiring managers!

3. Career History

If recruiters find your account and there’s no career history or a poorly written career section, they are likely to skip your account and move on to the next… Recruiters are spoilt for choice right now and they can (and will be) very selective. 

4. Key skills and endorsements

We’ll review whether you are using the right key skills to enable the recruiters to find you on LinkedIn. Without these, your account is likely to be invisible.  We’ll also show you how to get more endorsements easily! 

5. Are you sharing your Achievements?

You’re good at your job and you know you have lots to share with the next Employer.  However, it’s not easy talking about yourself and what you’ve accomplished. 

We’ll check whether you are including achievements…however, if not, we’ll give you some guidance on how to start adding your key achievements to demonstrate to hiring managers you are the ideal candidates.

6. URL (Web address)

We’ll review if you have customized your URL and share why it’s important for you to customize it.  If you haven’t yet customized your URL, we’ll show you how! 

7. Professional Photo

We’ll check your Photo meets the guidance and best practice for LinkedIn.

We personally review each and every LinkedIn account.  This is not an automated process.  We take the time to review each section and give you our honest advice. 

However, it’s not only a review…we’ll also give you some great suggestions and information to help you turn your account into an effective job searching tool!

Price: £19.97

Why now is the best time to be on LinkedIn…

I’ve successfully shared what makes LinkedIn work with hundreds of individuals in workshops and 121 coaching sessions over the last 7-years. 

So, no matter who you are, what you do, or how much experience you have, I can show you how to use Linkedin to get what you want.

Myth buster #1: LinkedIn is just another job board!
  • LinkedIn isn’t just a job board.  It’s a place to network digitally with your ideal employers or clients, or prospects.  Even if you’re not looking for a job it’s a place to network with your peers. 
Myth buster #2 LinkedIn is just a digital CV
  • LinkedIn isn’t just a place to upload your CV or Resume!  It’s a place to interact and network with colleagues, peers, and your future manager, clients, or prospects. 
Myth buster #3 Takes too long to get results
  • Actually, that’s a myth.  Using social media without a purpose is most definitely a time stealer!!  However, if you have a clear purpose and you know who you would like to network and connect with, then you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the platform.  It’s really NOT like other social media platforms. 
Myth buster #4 It's difficult to stand out on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the biggest professional social media platform that’s correct.  However, it’s easier to get found and stand out from others on the account, if you set up your account correctly and regularly network with the right people.
Myth buster #5 The algorithms are tricky!
  • LinkedIn is so much easier to increase engagement and increase your reach and therefore, get found by recruiters or your prospects and tap into the thousands of hidden opportunities.  LinkedIn isn’t just about the algorithms, it’s also about human behaviour on the platform and knowing your purpose.   
Myth buster #6 LinkedIn isn't relevant for my sector
  • There are approximately 148 industries on LinkedIn.  So, it’s highly likely it will support your chosen career direction. 

People I’ve helped with their LinkedIn accounts…

"I have had a LinkedIn account for years and to be honest, just ignored it. Then I read Dawn's article 'How to improve your LinkedIn profile in under 5 minutes' which got me interested. So, I requested her LinkedIn Account Review. Within 48 hours I received a great report that explained in detail what a good LinkedIn account could do and gave me an evaluation of my own account. I am now going to take Dawn's advice and change my profile to align with my career objective."

Managing Director, Personal Development Business.

"Dawn’s advice on LinkedIn is pure gold. She showed me a couple of ways to lift my game, which I would not have thought of doing. I got a job offer just a few hours after I followed her advice, believe it or not! I highly recommend following her."

Head of Paid Media, Gaming Sector. 

"One of my clients sent me an email one evening for some guidance on LinkedIn. He was approaching the end of one contract and hadn’t lined up the next contract and was starting to get concerned. I reviewed his LinkedIn profile in about 10 minutes and gave him 4 things to do immediately. He did all the above and came back to me 4 days later with the news that he had three quality leads. He ended up being offered a job by one of the leads and now uses LinkedIn to promote business services."

Health and Safety Consultant.

"Dawn helped me with CV and Linked In review, boosting my confidence and setting me up for the next journey. Her guidance was clear and knowledgeable, tailored precisely to my needs. I very much appreciated her business insight and professionalism, going an extra mile to support me. I would highly recommend Dawn for any career coaching services."

Corporate Trainer | Learning Specialist

My Approach to coaching!

Every client is different and they come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. They also have a broad range of previous experience.

For that reason there is no ‘off the shelf’ packages here:

  • Free Consultation to establish your requirements
  • Every coaching session is tailored and bespoke

We need to know your previous experience (or lack of experience) and we need to understand your aspirations, goals, and career objectives before we book any coaching session.

Are you considering interview coaching?  Want to know how coaching can help you? Book a FREE no-obligation chat with me, Dawn.

Please note, we are based in the U.K. When you book please include your contact details.  

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