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Is your LinkedIn account and CV getting results?

LinkedIn and CVs are the most important tools you have to secure interviews.
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Are you frustrated with your job search? Or getting rejected for jobs you know you can do?

Are you looking for a Career or Interview Coach?

LinkedIn not working for you? 

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To enable recruiters to find you on social media you need a good LinkedIn profile.    

Are you getting frustrated looking for a new job?   

LinkedIn is a powerful system in your search for a new job.    

Using a blend of pro-active and re-active job searching methods can significantly improve your chances of success.

Are you still waiting for job alerts? 

Get proactive and find the hidden vacancies.  If you’re not using social media are you missing out? 

What are the benefits of hiring a Coach?

“Executive jobs you really want don’t come around that often, so I sought out Dawn’s expertise to ensure I maximised my chances of getting the job.

Dawn is knowledgeable, and friendly and was great at celebrating what I already knew and provided constructive feedback on how I could improve on areas including body language, confidence, rapport building and structuring answers.

Equipped with new knowledge, confidence and commitment to put the work in, I got the job.”

Head of Department

National Charity

“I was very clear from the outset what I wanted from a Life and Career coach. I was doing exceptionally well at work but I lacked confidence and assertiveness in high level meetings.  The sessions were challenging, exploratory within a highly positive atmosphere.

I enjoyed the challenges each session brought, which enabled me to use techniques and simple application methods of communication within my work place.  

Through a lot of hard work and effort Dawn revealed to me new ways at looking at things, ways of breaking negativity in my thought processes and beliefs, all of which were becoming barriers for my personal growth and development.”

J Potter


The Facts about LinkedIn

675 Million members on LinkedIn

There are 2 new accounts per second being created on LinkedIn.  Compared to billions of people on Facebook and Instagram, there is still plenty of opportunities to get found on LinkedIn if you set your profile up correctly. 

LinkedIn is truly Worldwide

LinkedIn covers 200 countries and regions and 70% are outside of the USA.

30 Million Companies

This number of companies will be representing most sectors and industries and advertising 20 Million jobs.

90% of recruiters use social media

Recruiters need a constant supply of talent.  One of their biggest problems is getting this steady flow of talent.  LinkedIn is the biggest candidate database at their finger tips.  However, they will never find you if you don’t set up your profile correctly.  

How to network on LinkedIn?

How to network on LinkedIn. It’s simply not enough to set up a great profile and then let LinkedIn work on auto-pilot. You need to show up and engage with the people you are trying to attract. So, whether you are looking for a job or clients, you’ll need to network.

Will having no online presence affect your job search?

Will having no online presence affect your job search? Technology has dramatically and significantly advanced and had a huge impact on the world of work. Ignore the opportunities and you will most definitely miss out and get left behind faster than you can run!

The importance of social media in your job search

Using social media as part of your job search is essential today. Recruiters are looking for you and if you don’t maximise your accounts you’ll be sure to miss out on opportunities.

How to get found on LinkedIn

It’s essential in today’s competitive jobs market to use multiple job searching methods and get found on LinkedIn.

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07932 434303



Colchester, Essex.

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