You may well ask yourself why should I write a cover letter in today’s digital age.

A cover letter gives you another opportunity to enhance your chances of being selected for an interview.  An opportunity to further tailor your application more closely to the vacancy being advertised.

A cleverly written letter can tick all the job criteria boxes before the recruiter has even read your CV.  Although if it’s well crafted it will entice the reader to WANT to read your CV.

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Succinct
  • Relevant

1. First impressions count

A Cover Letter and CV are your opportunity to make that all-important first impression with a company or organisation.

We all know that first impressions count and a cover letter is the first opportunity to make this good impression.

If you have not made much effort – then don’t expect anyone else to make any effort.  If you haven’t taken the time to tailor the letter then how can you expect others to take the time to read or review?

I know it must be disheartening to be rejected.  Keep your enthusiasm when applying for numbers of jobs.  Be persistent and learn to put the past behind you and focus on moving forward positively.

2. Time and effort gets results

Taking the time and making the effort to write a cover letter from scratch demonstrates you are genuinely interested.  Genuinely interested in the job and the organisation.

If you have a standard cover letter it gives the impression that you are possibly throwing CVs randomly – anywhere and everywhere!!

I was an in-house recruiter for many years and we received some very poor cover letters or no cover letter at all.  We even received cover letters where candidates had forgotten to change the company name.

Does this inspire people to take this relationship any further – no!

3. Online Etiquette

You may well ask why bother with a Cover Letter?  Considering most applications or CV are sent by email.

I’ve received many emails with just the CV attached – the candidates have not even bothered to write an email.

There is still an expectation that people will follow basic etiquette online.

It’s generally viewed as bad manners not to write a Cover Letter even if it’s in the email itself.

How you behave throughout the application process will tell the employer a lot about your attitude to going the extra mile.

If you don’t make the necessary effort and take the time at this crucial stage then it’s allowing negative assumption to be made.

4. Highlight relevant information

If you have taken the time to match the requirements and highlight your skills, knowledge and experience this also demonstrates you have read the advertisement and understand the criteria for the job.

There are lots of candidates that apply for jobs when they don’t match the essential criteria.

So don’t be put off when you see the number of applications to a certain job vacancy – they won’t all match the criteria.

5. Research the company

Research the company just as you would if you were invited to an interview. Write a short paragraph to explain a couple of reasons for being interested in that organisation and back up those reasons.

It’s not enough to use general statements like “the company has a good reputation in the market”.  Or “I want to work for an International or Global company”.  These reasons are too vague and look like a copy and paste job!

Let them know why you think these are important aspects – “I want to work for an International Company to be able to fully utilise my language capabilities and long term I would like to expand my knowledge and experience globally.”


Here’s a Cover Letter Template: Cover Letter Template