I’m Dawn Moss

Career and Interview Coach

Are you making redundancies and want to help your people with re-deployment? 

Interview Coaching

Are you looking for 121 interview coaching support?  Contact me for a free consultation and find out if we can help you.

Training for Hiring Managers

Do your hiring managers need training in Employment Law and the best way to identify and assess future talent? 

Helping your people prepare for the jobs market  

Do you need an extra pair of hands?  

We’ve been supporting re-deployment as a result of redundancies for the last 20 years.  We’ve offered HR professionals and the business highly valuable support at often extremely busy and challenging times. 

Support your people into the next job or career

Improve your employee and public relations

Reduce additional time and costs associated with redeployment

Smart people outsource as it saves time and reduce costs

Goal Setting

Helping you discover your talents and formulate a plan of action 

CV writing

Assisting you write a CV from scratch or improve an existing 

Interview Coaching

Learn the techniques to help with any interview format 

Career Advice

We help your people design and formulate an action plan.  

What is Outplacement Services and Who is it for? 

Outplacement services provide total job search support usually to those facing redundancy. The service can be provided on a 121 basis or group workshops.  

Providing practical and emotional specialist career coaching support that will enable an individual to navigate the competitive job market and move into appropriate new employment as soon as possible.

It also enables organisations to focus their time on business operations rather than divert often considerable time and energy needed to support leavers and the morale of the retained team.

Read our DREAM model of Outplacement services.

Discover and Design

The first step in the outplacement process is to conduct some self-analysis and discovery.  Identifying existing skills, experiences, knowledge and competencies and transferable skills to take to market.  We’ll understand the person’s motivation and interests during this part of outplacement.  

Realistic goals and milestones

Get started mapping out some career goals and milestones.  This may include, researching the jobs market, finding networking events, writing a CV, and preparing examples to share at the interview.


We will work with your people to give them advice and guidance on Cover Letters, CVs, Routes to market (Hidden and visible), how to set up a LinkedIn profile and networking skills, interview preparation, salary negotiation and job offer evaluation skills and techniques. 

Help educate your people with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for and confidently handle any interview question and any interview format or style (Skype or Video, Telephone, Face-to-Face, Competency based, Strength based, Assessment centre or Panel). 

Action plan

We’ll support you to create a robust actoin plan to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. 

Models and processes

What tools there are available to aid job searching and interview preparation (SWOT, S.T.A.R. Evaluator Pitch, Movie Trailer, etc.)

We’ll share techniques on researching the jobs market, sectors, industries, and companies – PESTLE and STEEPLE. 


About Me

“I’m the Founder of Your Interview Coach set up in 2013 when my idea to help both candidates and hiring managers through the complexities of the recruitment and selection process became a passion and a burning desire!”

The majority of my interviewing experience is from 12 years as an In-house Recruiter. 6 years within Manufacturing and Engineering and 6 years experience working in a Corporate Bank in the City of London.

Prior to being an in-house Recruiter I had hiring experience as a team leader in the NHS and then as a Manager in the Private Healthcare Sector. I was responsible for the recruitment for the South-East of England and this gave me valuable experience to move into HR.


“Dawn is an extremely capable and dedicated resourcing and recruitment professional with a track record of delivery and excellent business and client/candidate management experience.”

Alan McGillivray

Group HR Director

“Dawn is a delight to know, very personable, extremely conscientious, and can be relied on to deliver results. She has excellent insight into the requirements of the job and can be relied on to go the extra mile. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Andy Harper

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Director

“Dawn is collaborative, light hearted and well informed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dawn, was genuinely sad when she was no longer deemed a “client” and very much look forward to the opportunity of working with her again.”

Anjelic Kumedzina

Director Talent Aquisition

Blogs and Articles

Can the Recruitment Process Be Objective?

Can the Recruitment Process Be Objective?

Explore the challenges of achieving objective hiring processes and effective strategies to foster fairness and mitigate biases in recruitment. By continuously refining their practices, organizations can strive to build diverse and high-performing teams that drive innovation and growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

How Do You Answer; What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

How Do You Answer; What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Answering “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is a chance to showcase your self-awareness, honesty, and fit for the role. By preparing thoughtful and strategic responses, you can turn this challenging question into an opportunity to highlight your qualifications and demonstrate your commitment to growth and improvement.

Our DREAM Outplacement model: Discover and Design, Realistic goals, Education, Assessment and Models.  

Supporting your employees as they move through any transition, restructure or transformation with Outplacement services demonstrates that, despite the difficult decision taken by their employer, their service is valued.  Helping them into their next job, or retirement, is important to you as an organisation.

This also has long term implications in protecting the employer brand and reputation which should never be underestimated. It’s particularly relevant if you hire locally within a niche skill set.  

Don’t wait any longer to provide the support your people need. Contact Dawn today…

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