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Why Invest in Training your Hiring Managers?

I was an in-house recruiter for over a decade, and I’ve probably experienced every scenario there is relating to the hiring process.  I took my role seriously; increasing the quality of the hiring, keeping costs down, and being the face of the business meeting candidates at the beginning of their journey.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers is the most critical activity for businesses today.  Also, part of my role was ensuring hiring managers were highly trained in best practice interviewing techniques and protecting the business from legal risks, financial risks, and reputational risks. 

Recruiting the right people, at the right time with the right skills should be one of the most critical concerns for your business.

The World of Work is changing rapidly.  For your business to remain competitive, you’ll need to keep your business up to date with the latest skills, knowledge, and experiences.

To achieve the most effective recruitment process (increase quality and reducing costs) you will need to invest in training for your hiring managers.  Train your hiring managers in the most efficient tools and techniques to employ the best people for your organization.

You will be concerned about the quality of the hire and how they fit the job, the organization’s values & culture, and how they fit into the team and department.

My Approach

Every client is different and they come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. They also have a broad range of previous experience.

For that reason there is no ‘off the shelf’ packages here:

  • Free Consultation to establish your requirements
  • Every coaching session is tailored and bespoke

We need to know your previous experience (or lack of experience) and we need to understand your aspirations, goals and career objectives before we book any coaching session.

Signs of Poor Recruitment Decisions:

  • Are you concerned about the cost of recruitment? 
  • Do you have a high turnover?
  • Is a high turnover having a negative impact on productivity and profitability?
  • The cost of direct replacement fees are spiraling out of control?
  • How much time do you spend either managing poor performers or recruiting to replace them?
  • Do your poor performers affecting the morale of the team?

Benefits of Interview Training for Managers:

Training provided by an MCIPD Qualified Human Resources Professional, and In-House Recruiter with 15 years of in-depth hands-on experience & knowledge.  Supported several Head Office functions and disciplines: HR, IT, Accounts, Legal & Compliance, Engineering, Customer Services, Supply Chain, Procurement, etc.  Worked with several different sectors: NHS & Private Health Sector, Telecommunications, Manufacturing & Engineering, Banking & Finance, Public and Private Sector, and Oil & Gas.

  • Reduce poor recruitment decisions negatively impacting productivity and profitability 
  • Potentially reducing the risk of Employment Tribunal cases, legal and financial risks
  • Lower the risks associated with poor recruitment practices: Low team morale, high turnover, higher recruitment costs, reputational damage, etc.

Option 1

Hire a Trainer

Hire the trainer to train your line managers.

Prices start from £75 per delegate with a daily minimum cost of £500 plus expenses.


Option 2

Train the Trainers

Train the trainer!  Hire the trainer to train one or two key people in your business who can then train all the managers responsible for recruitment and selection practices.

Prices start from £997 for training, designing, and material.


Option 3

Purchase the Training 

Here’s a quick solution to providing Interview Training to your Hiring Managers.  Purchase the basic training pack and you can quickly tweak it to fit your business.  Or, we’ll design to fit your business.

Prices depending on the design and materials required.


Hire the Trainer!

Train the Trainers!

Buy the Training Pack!

Contact me Dawn at Your Interview Coach to discuss in-house training designed specifically for the needs of your hiring managers and business.


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