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Interview Training for Hiring Managers is the most critical activity for businesses today

  • Recruiting the right people, at the right time with the right skills should be one of the most critical concerns for your business.
  • The World of Work is changing rapidly. You’ll need to keep your business up to date with the latest skills, knowledge, and experiences.
  • To achieve the most effective recruitment process (increase quality and reducing costs) you will need to invest in training for your hiring managers. Train your hiring managers in the most efficient tools and techniques to employ the best people for your organization.
  • You will be concerned about the quality of the hire and how they fit the job, the organization’s values & culture, and how they fit into the team and department.

Signs of Poor Recruitment Decisions

  • Are you concerned about the cost of high turnover?
  • Is a high turnover having a negative impact on productivity and profitability?
  • The cost of direct replacement fees are spiralling out of control?
  • How much time do you spend either managing poor performers or recruiting to replace them?
  • Do your poor performers affecting the morale of the team?

Benefits of hiring an external facilitator to deliver Interview Training for Managers

  • Lower the risks associated with poor recruitment practices: Low team morale, high turnover, higher recruitment costs, reputational damage, etc.
  • Outsourcing activities significantly reduces operational costs of delivery
  • Training provided by an MCIPD Qualified Human Resources Professional
  • Receive training from an In House Recruiter with 20 years of in-depth hands-on experience & knowledge
  • Supported several Head Office functions and disciplines: HR, IT, Accounts, Legal & Compliance, Engineering, Customer Services, Supply Chain, Procurement, etc.
  • Worked with several different sectors: NHS & Private Health Sector, Telecommunications, Manufacturing & Engineering, Banking & Finance, Public and Private Sector, and Oil & Gas.

Are you looking to make redundancies and want to support your people with re-deployment?

Outplacement services provide total job search support usually to those facing redundancy. The service can be provided on a 121 basis or group workshops.  

Providing practical and emotional specialist career coaching support that will enable an individual to navigate the competitive job market and move into appropriate new employment as soon as possible.

It also enables organizations to focus their time on business operations rather than divert often considerable time and energy needed to support leavers and the morale of the retained team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a FREE consultation?

Yes we do. And we encourage you to take full advantage of this consultation.  Investing in training is an important part of your business.  Tailoring the right training package is important to you and us.  

What is covered in the training workshop?
  • Elements of Employment Law (Reduce the financial and reputational risks)
  • Sourcing methods:  Talent attraction strategies
  • Selection methods:  Interview Formats 
  • Questioning Techniques – Behavioural Competency 
  • Onboarding and orientation planning 
How long are the training workshops?

This really depends on the depth of the training your hiring managers require.  If managers are involved in the full cycle of recruitment from writing job descriptions, writing job adverts, screening CVs, designing the selection and interview process to salary negotiation and onboarding, it’s likely they will need two full days training.  

What is the cost of a workshop?

Because all of our training workshops are bespoke to your requirements we cannot give an exact cost.  It depends on the duration, the materials, the number of assessors involved in the training, and venue costs.  However, we understand pricing is important and you need an idea.  Prices start from £650.00 per day per workshop for approximately 8-10 hiring managers.  This doesn’t include expenses or material.

What Are The Issues With Making Stereotypical Assumptions During An Interview?

To mitigate these issues, organizations should implement structured and standardized hiring processes, provide bias training for hiring managers, use diverse hiring panels, and adopt objective criteria for evaluating candidates. This helps ensure that hiring decisions are based on merit and aligned with the organization’s goals for diversity and inclusion.

Can the Recruitment Process Be Objective?

Explore the challenges of achieving objective hiring processes and effective strategies to foster fairness and mitigate biases in recruitment. By continuously refining their practices, organizations can strive to build diverse and high-performing teams that drive innovation and growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The Power of Strength-Based Interviews for Candidates and Hiring Managers

Strength-based interviews are a departure from the conventional competency-based interviews that scrutinize a candidate’s past experiences and weaknesses.

The Frustration of No-Shows: A Recruiters’ and Coaches’ Dilemma

In this short blog, we’ll delve into the frustrations faced by these professionals when individuals don’t honor their commitments.

What are the Advantages and Pitfalls of Overestimating Employees?

Frankl believed that leaders should encourage employees to reach beyond their perceived limitations. By overestimating employees’ abilities in a supportive and nurturing manner, leaders inspire them to set higher goals and aspire to achieve greatness.

What questions do hiring managers ask at the end of an interview?

General & Housekeeping QuestionsEveryone knows it's important to prepare for a job interview and focus on commonly asked questions.  Often, candidates prepare for the common questions, the tough questions, and the behavioral competency questions.  However, do you...

Questions NOT to ask candidates in an interview

Unlawful questions for a job interview.  Do you know what questions not to ask candidates?   Despite Employment Law being in force for many decades, I'm still surprised at the questions still asked during an interview.  Everyone involved in the recruitment...

The Best Exit Interview Questions

Are you monitoring the reasons employees are leaving your company? The exit interview is the last chance to understand why people are leaving your organisation.

Interview Questions for Hiring Managers: How to make your old questions effective

If you ask these questions to the “polished” or “prepared” candidates they’ll get out the PowerPoint Presentation, the laser pointer, and talk you through the ready-made textbook answer! Here’s one I made up earlier!
Wouldn’t you rather get to know the real person? The real person that you will be working with you Monday to Friday 9 to 5!

10 Common mistakes during the hiring process

What are the biggest mistakes during the hiring process? Knowing what could go wrong will help you to avoid the biggest mistakes!

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