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Recruitment and Selection Training for hiring managers

Are you involved in the hiring process?
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Colchester, Essex. 

Are you a business owner? Are you looking to train your hiring managers?

Training and Coaching for businesses passionate about people!

Are you a manager or business owner involved in the recruitment process?  

We offer Interview Training for Hiring Managers 

We’ve designed and delivered hundreds of Recruitment and Selection Training Workshops over the last two decades.  

Looking to train your hiring managers?

By investing in Recruitment & Selection Training  

  • Reduce the financial, legal and reputational risks associated with poor recruitment decisions

Are you looking to attract and retain talent?  

Our training workshops are tailored to your business model 

We support your managers and HR departments to attract the very best candidates and retain them  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a FREE consultation?

Yes we do. And we encourage you to take full advantage of this consultation.  Investing in training is an important part of your business.  Tailoring the right training package is important to you and us.  

What is covered in the training workshop?
  • Elements of Employment Law (Reduce the financial and reputational risks)
  • Sourcing methods:  Talent attraction strategies
  • Selection methods:  Interview Formats 
  • Questioning Techniques – Behavioural Competency 
  • Onboarding and orientation planning 
How long are the training workshops?

This really depends on the depth of the training your hiring managers require.  If managers are involved in the full cycle of recruitment from writing job descriptions, writing job adverts, screening CVs, designing the selection and interview process to salary negotiation and onboarding, it’s likely they will need two full days training.  

What is the cost of a workshop?

Because all of our training workshops are bespoke to your requirements we cannot give an exact cost.  It depends on the duration, the materials, the number of assessors involved in the training and venue costs.  However, we understand pricing is important and you need an idea.  Prices start from £1,497.00 per day per workshop for approximately 8-10 hiring managers.

10 Practical ways to reduce the cost of hiring

10 Simple and Practical ways to reduce the costs of hiring.

Why am I too senior or overqualified for the position?

Have you ever been rejected because you are too senior or overqualified? It’s not necessarily discrimination. There could be a number of genuine business reasons that this could be an issue.

How are you managing your unsuccessful candidates?

What are you saying to your unsuccessful candidates? Every candidate post-interview deserves some feedback to understand how a decision was made about their fit.

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07932 434303



Colchester, Essex.

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