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Your CV and LinkedIn profile are the most important and powerful tools you have in your job search today.

What does a good CV look like?

Is your CV getting you invites to interview? 

If the ratio between applying for vacancies and receiving an invite to interview seems low then we’ll show you what to check and include and how to improve the information you are sharing. 

Content & Information

Before you put ‘pen to paper’ it’s worth giving some thought to the content and information you are including in your CV.


Employers are looking for evidence that you have made a difference.  Including achievements on your CV is essential and we’ll show you how. 

First or third person?

Recruiters actually don’t really care about this one, well they will have a personal preference but not when screening in or out.  However, you need to be consistent with your style, fonts and writing styles. 

Applicant Tracking Systems ATS

An ATS are sophisticated electronic databases that usually manage the vacancy and the candidate. 

So, your CV is likely to be screened initially by the ATS not a human. 

How many pages?

There’s a lot of differing opinions on the web.  Ideally, a good CV will be 2 pages.  However, there are some exceptions and we’ll share.

Have you proof-read your CV?

Proof-reading is not just conducting a spelling check.  Proof-reading is ensuring the sentences flow and that the information makes sense. 

Does your CV pass the 6-second test?

According to research by TheLaddars, recruiters spend less than 6 seconds reviewing CVs. 

If you would like me to review your CV please click the contact button below or email: dawn@yourinterviewcoach.co.uk.  This service is free and is usually reviewed within 48 hours. 

Would you like us to create a LinkedIn account for you?

61 Million Senior Influencers

40 Million of these users are decision-makers.  Senior managers spend lots of time searching for quality content. 

So, write a blog or article on your subject and discipline and add this to your profile. 

Millions of vacancies and interviews

There are millions of vacancies posted on LinkedIn and it’s reported there are millions of interviews offered via LinkedIn.

30 Million Companies

This number of companies will be representing most sectors and industries and advertising 20 Million jobs.

Gain exposure to millions of hiring managers and recruiters

93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to research and recruit candidates. LinkedIn allows you to have an online personal brand which makes you visible to key decision makers and recruiters.

Use LinkedIn as a research tool

It’s a great tool to find companies, people, jobs and up to date sector news.

70% of users are outside of the USA

LinkedIn is a Global professional social media platform. 

LinkedIn covers 200 countries and regions, so it really is world wide! 

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